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  • 99 years delivering excellent fruit
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  • The Davidson Brother's Family specializes in growing & 
  • shipping choice quality, tree ripened citrus, oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, Honeybells, gourmet gifts,
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Fresh Picked Oranges, Honeybells, and Grapefruit Delivered To Your Door

Indian River Citrus

The Citrus and Fruits

Davidson Brothers began growing, picking, packing and shipping Indian River Citrus in 1922. We have built our reputation through generations of fellow Citrus Lovers. We hand pick and hand pack the best Citrus in season and give superior service to all our customers. Tree ripened to allow the sweet flavor develop naturally for fresh, really fresh Citrus, from the tree to your door. Healthy gifts, fruit baskets, florida fruits, florida oranges, honeybells, indian river fruits, fresh fruits honeybell oranges for any occasion and 100% MADE IN THE USA!!!

Florida Oranges

The Orange Groves

Along the Eastern seaboard of Central Florida runs the Indian River. On the river banks, the Anastasia limestone soil is rich in calcium and all the right nutrients for growing the world's best citrus. The combination of the enriched soil, gentle rains, Florida Sunshine, tropical ocean breeze, along with our hard work and special care allows us to bring you premium tree ripened citrus-thin skinned, extra sweet and super juicy.

Honeybell Oranges

Seasonal Fruit Baskets

Citrus Gift orders will be filled with the best quality variety in season at the time your order is hand packed for shipment. If you have a preferred choice, be sure to schedule your delivery when that variety is "in season" and remember, dates of maturity can vary by several weeks, depending on the weather conditions in the Indian River Citrus growing region. Please coordinate special choices with us to assure delivery of your favorite fruit or fruit basket.